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Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease describes each of the major movement problems of the disease as well as all of the major non-motor problems of the disease such as bladder, GI tract, vision, sleep, speech, mental and behavioral complications of the disease.
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  2. Non-Dopaminergic Symptoms (1)

About Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease
Find out all about fatigue in Parkinson's disease, how it is diagnosed, and what you can do to cope with it.

Urinary Incontience in Parkinson's Disease
People with Parkinson's disease may have to deal with urinary incontinence. Find out what you can do about urinary incontinence here.

Parkinson's Disease and Visual Disturbances
Parkinson's disease can cause visual distrubances.

Drooling and Excess Saliva in Parkinson's Disease
Find out why people with Parkinson's disease have excess saliva and drool, and what can be done to help.

Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease
Find out why people get fatigued with Parkinson's disease.

The Gastrointestinal Effects of Parkinson's Disease
Find out what the gastrointestinal effect of Parkinson's disease can be.

Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Some of the most troubling symptoms of PD are the non-motor symptoms such as mental and behavioral changes, sleep problems and mood problems.

What Causes the Resting Tremor in Parkinson's Disease?
While doctors are not completely sure what causes the resting tremor in Parkinson's disease, it is believed that lowered dopamine levels in the brain cause it to become unable to control movements.

Mood and Memory Changes in Parkinson's Disease
Find out how and why Parkinson's disease affects your memory and mood.

Central Pain In Parkinson's Disease
Find out about central pain and Parkinson's disease.

Pain and Its Management in Parkinson's Disease
Severe and chronic pain associated with Parkinson's disease can be treated if you tell your doctor about it. Read about the causes and treatments of pain associated with PD.

Why and How Parkinson's Disease Affects Sexual Function
Learn about sexual problems in Parkinson's disease, what causes them, and what can be done.

Persistent Neck Pain in Women - Is It Parkinson's Disease?
Neck pain in woman may be an early sign of Parkinson's disease.

Depression in Parkinson's Disease
What are the characteristics of depression in Parkinson's disease, and how is it treated?

Parkinson's Disease-Related Speech and Language Problems
Learn about the causes of speech problems in Parkinson's disease, and find out what treatments, like Lee Silverman voice treatments, can do to help.

Weight Loss in Parkinson's Disease
Find out why some Parkinson's patients find that they lose weight unexpectedly.

Sleep Problems and Parkinson's Disease
Learn about how Parkinson's disease affects your sleep, from REM behavior disorder to insomnia.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
Read about the early signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease to see if you might have the symptoms that come with the onset of PD.

What Kinds of Behaviors Can Become Impulsive With Parkinson's…
Have you found that when you take your http://Parkinson’s disease medications you sometimes feel less inhibited, more energetic and indeed more impulsive? Has your impulsivity ever gotten you into trouble? Has your caregiver ever expressed concern about some of your ‘new’ behaviors-behaviors that emerge after you…

Age That Parkinson's Disease Symptoms Can Occur
Parkinson's disease most often effects people in late-middle age, but can affect other populations.

What Causes Impulse Control Disorders and Who Gets Them?
Find out what causes Parkinson's patients to find trouble controlling impulsive behaviors like gambling, sex, spending, and eating.

Stiff Shoulder Syndrome: Is it Parkinson’s?
If you've been feeling stiffness in your shoulders, find out whether it might be related to your Parkinson's Disease

Sleep Disorders in the Elderly
A.D.A.M. Encyclopedia explains sleep disorders that are common to the elderly and suffers of Parkinson's Disease.

Dealing With Sleep Disorders in Parkinson's

Dystonia vs. Dyskinesia
Managing Parkinson's requires a delicate balance between medications and side effects. Clarification between dystonia and dyskinesia and when they occur, is important.

A Patient's Guide To Parkinson's Diagnosis
The diagnosis of Parkinson's disease can be a complex process. This group of articles from a physician and patient perspective assists in its understanding.

Young Onset vs. Late Onset Parkinson's Disease
Although there are many similarities between all patients diagnosed with Parkinson's, there are some unique challenges that those with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease face.

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