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Where to Start Finding Clinical Trials for Parkinson's Disease


Updated June 25, 2009

Where to Start Finding Clinical Trials for Parkinson's Disease
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If you have Parkinson's disease (PD), sooner or later you will ask yourself what new treatments are available. If you ask your doctor, he may be offer various new drugs or treatments for various symptoms of your PD. It is always wise to first consult your doctor when searching for new or better treatments for your symptoms.

Another potential opportunity for you is to consider participating in a clinical trial for a new treatment for PD. Before doing so, of course, evaluate the risks and potential benefits of your participation. If you, your partner/caregiver and your doctor all agree that participation in a clinical trial seems worthwhile for you, then your next step is to find a clinical trial that is right for you. Start by asking your doctor about potential trials but do not stop there. Sometimes doctors are paid by drug companies to help recruit participants for a clinical trial. You need to know if your doctor is being paid to recruit for a clinical trial. Nothing is wrong with that as long as everyone is aware of the job that the doctor is performing for the sponsor of the study (the drug company in this case).

Check out the following Web sites as well: PD Trials and ClinicalTrials.gov. Both of these sites list a fair number of the clinical trials that are underway to test new PD treatments. You can also get information on the treatment itself, its known risks, whether or not you would qualify for participation (exclusion/inclusion criteria), and whether there is any compensation to you for participation. You can also check out the websites for the national and international PD organizations. Finally, you can call PD Trials at 800-801-9484 and ask for information on trials related to your symptomatic concerns.




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