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Parkinson's Disease Treatments


The "gold standard" treatments for Parkinson's Disease include levodopa therapy, and physical and speech therapy as needed. As the disease progresses, other treatment options include new medications, surgical interventions and brain stimulation.
  1. Treatment Basics
  2. Parkinson's Disease Medications
  3. Other Parkinson's Disease Treatments

Treatment Basics

Find out how Parkinson's disease is treated, what methods are used, and how to work with your doctor to find the best treatment strategy for you.

Parkinson's Disease Medications

The most common Parkinson's disease treatments are drug therapies. Learn what medications are used to treat Parkinson's Disease and how they work.

Other Parkinson's Disease Treatments

In conjunction with medications, other kinds of therapies can be helpful to improve your quality of life and ease the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

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