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Parkinson's Disease Basics

Parkinson's Disease Basics covers probable causesof Parkinson's Disease, how dopamine works in Parkinson's disease and in the brain, how the drug Levodopa restores dopamine levels in the brain, and potential side effects of Levodopa. Understanding the disease will help you and your family cope with the disease.

Diet and Your Risk for Parkinson's Disease
Maintaining a healthy diet by eating fruits, vegetables, and fish may help reduce your risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Can Parkinson’s Disease be Cured? Clues From Genetic Forms of PD
Find out how genes effect Parkinson's disease, and how research might use genetics to find a cure.

What is Parkinson's Disease?
PD is a brain disorder involving loss of the chemical messenger dopamine. It is a progressive disorder, meaning that it typically gets worse over the years. Dopamine normally controls muscle activity so PD primarily affects movement. Its three cardinal signs are tremor (trembling which usually starts in one hand), rigidity in the trunk or limbs and slowness of movement.

Am I At Risk For Parksinon's Disease?
Risk factors for Parkinson's disease include age, gender, genetics, exposire to toxins, and other factors. Learn more about the risk factors for Parkinson's disease here.

Can I Inherit Parkinson's Disease?
Find out whether your genes put you at risk for Parkinson's disease.

Is There a Parkinsonian Personality?
Find out if there is a "Parkinson's personality."

Role of Your Neurologist and Members of Your Care Team
Learn the right questions to ask when looking for the best neurologist to work with you.

Managing Your Diet with Parkinson's Disease
How do you eat right when you have http://Parkinson’s Disease? Do people with PD have to eat a special diet

ADAM Encyclopedia - Parkinson's Disease
About.com's medical encyclopedia provides information about Parkinson's disease.

NINDS Parkinson's Disease Information Page
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke discusses treatments, prognosis, and research on Parkinson's Disease.

American Parkinson's Disease Association- Parkinson's Disease
An introduction to Parkinson's Disease from the American Parkinson's Disease Association.

A Patient's Guide To Parkinson's Diagnosis
The diagnosis of Parkinson's disease can be a complex process. This group of articles from a physician and patient perspective assists in its understanding.

Young Onset vs. Late Onset Parkinson's Disease
Although there are many similarities between all patients diagnosed with Parkinson's, there are some unique challenges that those with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease face.

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