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Dealing with the Emotional Challenges of Parkinson's Disease


Updated June 16, 2009

What are the emotional challenges of Parkinson's disease that can affect your sense of self, your hopes for the future and all of your relationships? What can be done about them? These articles help to address the emotional challenges of Parkinson's disease and guide you to the tools to overcome them.

The Challenge of Denial

Zac Macaulay/Getty Images
Are you denying to yourself that you might have Parkinson's disease?

The Challenge of Anger

Compassionate Eye Foundation/Andrew Olney/OJO Images Ltd
Being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease can make you angry. Find out how to deal with that anger.

The Challenge of Acceptance

Find out how acceptance will improve your life with Parkinson's disease.

The Challenge of Relationships

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How are your relationships affected by Parkinson's disease, and what can you do?

The Challenge of Living With Hope

LaCoppola-Meier/Getty Images
What can you look to to give you hope while living with Parkinson's disease?

Success! Overcoming the Challenges of PD

Find out the steps you can take to overcome the challenges of Parkinson's disease.

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