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Ways to Cope With a Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

Here Are the Tools You Need


Updated August 04, 2009

What kinds of coping strategies work best when you are ready to meet the problem head on? Here is a list of the tools you can use to cope with your disease.

About Coping with Parkinson's

Coping with a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease is difficult, but it is important that you remember that YOU have Parkinson's- Parkinson's does not have YOU.


Even if you're not religious, your spirituality can help you cope with your diagnosis. You can find some form of spirituality or a source of joy, strength and inspiration in your life.

Problem Solving

How do you generally solve a problem? Strategy and reasoning can help you cope with the problems that come along with Parkinson's disease.

Seek Support

What are the first steps you should take when you're diagnosed with Parkinson's disease? Seeking the support of friends, family, and professionals can help you cope.

Cognitive Restructuring

Cognitive restructuring means changing the way that you think about your Parkinson's disease in order to maintain a positive attitude. This can greatly help your quality of life with PD.

What Not to Do

Avoid these negative coping strategies; rumination, helplessness, and social withdrawal will only make your Parkinson's harder to deal with.
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