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Frequently Asked Questions About Parkinson's Disease

Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions about Parkinson's disease. Click on the links to find out more information.

Is There a Parkinson's Disease Cure?
Find out what can be done about Parkinson's disease.

Is Parkinson's Disease Caused by a Virus? Is It Contagious?
Find out whether Parkinson's disease is caused by a virus.

Is There a Parkinsonian Personality?
Find out if there is a "Parkinson's personality."

Over-the-Counter Pain Remedies and Parkinson’s: What Helps with Pain?
Find out what causes pain in Parkinson's disease, what you can do to alleviate your pain, and what over-the counter pain medications are best.

Should I Get a Nutritionist?
Find out if and why you should get a nutritionist to help with your diet when you have Parkinson's disease.

Do Only Old People Get Parkinson's Disease?
Learn what age groups can develop Parkinson's disease.

Persistent Neck Pain in Women - Is It Parkinson's Disease?
Neck pain in woman may be an early sign of Parkinson's disease.

What Causes Impulse Control Disorders and Who Gets Them?
Find out what causes Parkinson's patients to find trouble controlling impulsive behaviors like gambling, sex, spending, and eating.

Will My Children Inherit Parkinson's Disease?
Find out whether Parkinson's disease is hereditary.

Can I Drive With Parkinson's Disease?
Find out what to watch out for when driving after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

What Causes The Resting Tremor in Parkinson's Disease?
Find out what causes the most identifiable symptom of Parkinson's disease, the resting tremor.

Stiff Shoulder Syndrome: Is it Parkinson’s?
If you've been feeling stiffness in your shoulders, find out whether it might be related to your Parkinson's Disease

What Is Parkinson's Disease?
Find out the basics of Parkinson's disease.

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