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Parkinson's Disease June 2009 Archive


Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial that Tests a New Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Friday June 26, 2009
Scientific evaluations of the effectiveness and safety of potential treatments for medical disorders like Parkinsonís disease are called clinical trials. Without clinical trials of new drugs and new treatments for ... Read More

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) With Near Infrared Laser May Improve Neuronal Cell Function in Parkinsonís Disease

Thursday June 25, 2009
Many scientists think that one of the malfunctioning systems in Parkinson's disease is located in the mitochondria. These are the cellular systems/organelles that produce energy for all the other systems ... Read More

An Excellent and First Person Account of Parkinson's Disease On the Web

Wednesday June 24, 2009
Its always a pleasure to recommend to my readers some new, FREE, resource. Check out http://deepbraindiary.com/category/parkinsons/ This is a web blog by a gentlemen who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease back ... Read More

A New Resource for the Research Community

Friday June 19, 2009
The Micheal J. Fox Foundation has launched a new and invaluable resource for persons with Parkinson's disease, PD research advocates and scientists working on PD. The new resource is ... Read More

More news from World Parkinsonís Congress IV

Thursday June 18, 2009
One of the benefits of attending scientific conferences on Parkinson's Disease is that you learn of new FREE resources available to persons with PD and their families. The European ... Read More

More News from World Parkinsonís Congress III

Monday June 15, 2009
If you are reading this blog you very likely get a fair amount of your information from the internet. It is therefore crucial to be able to evaluate the quality ... Read More

Genetic Testing for Parkinson's Disease

Thursday June 11, 2009
If you have Parkinson's disease you may ask how you got it and whether your children or grandchildren might get it as well. Although the most common forms of PD ... Read More

News from 13th International Congress of PD and Movement Disorders II

Wednesday June 10, 2009
Consistent with an emerging awareness among Parkinson's disease clinicians of the dramatic impact on patients and families of non-motor symptoms of PD, there has been dozens of presentations, symposia and ... Read More

News from 13th International Congress of PD and Movement Disorders I

Monday June 8, 2009
I am at the 13th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disordersóheld in Paris, France this year. Among dozens of fascinating presentations and posters, there were several scientific sessions ... Read More

Movement Disorders Societyís 13th International Congress of Parkinsonís Disease and Movement Disorders in Paris

Friday June 5, 2009
If you are in or near Paris you should find time to attend the Movement Disorders Societyís 13th International Congress of Parkinsonís Disease and Movement Disorders. The full program is ... Read More

Enjoy Music and Fight Your Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Thursday June 4, 2009
Many people with Parkinson's disease derive a lot of joy from music. Some even claim that they hear, sing or play music their motor symptoms improve and their voice and ... Read More

The Emotional Challenges of Parkinson's Disease

Wednesday June 3, 2009
It is a remarkable fact that although there is an enormous amount of research and other publications on depression in Parkinson's disease, anxiety in PD, sleep disorders of PD and ... Read More

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