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Parkinson's Disease March 2009 Archive


A Cyclist, an Adventure and a Fundraiser for Parkinson's Disease Research

Tuesday March 31, 2009
There are lots of people who set out on wilderness or tourist adventures, or who set out to break some world record…but there are few people who couple their adventures ... Read More

In Search of Treatment for Cognitive Problems in Parkinson's Disease

Monday March 30, 2009
The thinking and memory problems of Parkinson’s Disease have been neglected by scientists studying PD? despite the fact that these problems adversely affect the lives of both persons with PD ... Read More

A Simple Technique to Avoid Falls When you Have Parkinson's Disease

Friday March 27, 2009
If you have Parkinson's Disease you have very likely become adept at maneuvering to avoid falling forwards or backwards. Unfortunately none of the techniques you have used work all the ... Read More

Parkinson's is More Than a Motor Disorder

Thursday March 26, 2009
If you have Parkinson's disease you know better than any doctor that it involves much more besides difficulties with moving around or flexibility. Sometimes it seems as if all systems ... Read More

Parkinson's Disease Awareness Week Approaches

Friday March 20, 2009
Parkinson's Disease Awareness week is 20 – 26 April. There will be events across the world to raise awareness of PD all that week. In England the Parkinsons Disease ... Read More

Billionaire co-founder of internet giant Google gets behind research on Parkinson's Disease

Wednesday March 18, 2009
There are many famous, highly accomplished people with Parkinson's Disease. There are many other highly accomplished people who do not have the disease but are vulnerable to the disease. Sergey ... Read More

Support NETPR: Contact Your Congressional Representatives

Tuesday March 17, 2009
The Parkinson's Action Network asks you to email or call your congress representatives to follow through on support for: the Department of Defense Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Parkinson’s Research (NETPR) program, and ... Read More

Pramexipole Versus Levodopa in Early Parkinson's Disease

Monday March 16, 2009
In a recent study published in Archives of Neurology, investigators reported that starting newly diagnosed Parkinson's disease patients on either levodopa or pramipexole made little difference in long clinical ... Read More

Being Squeezed by a Giant Hand

Thursday March 12, 2009
Ever get frustrated by people’s inability to understand what your going through with your Parkinson's disease? For author Sarah Nock its like being squeezed by a giant hand “Always when ... Read More

Obama Set to Lift the Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Monday March 9, 2009
President Obama has lifted restrictions on federal funding for research on new embryonic stem cell lines. Is this a good thing for research and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease? Hopefully so. ... Read More

The Amazing Story of Ray Kennedy’s Parkinson’s Disease.

Thursday March 5, 2009
If you have PD you often have to fight against an almost overwhelming fatigue just to get moving. You also have to fight to keep a positive attitude and to ... Read More

World Parkinson's Day Is Held Annually on April 11th

Monday March 2, 2009
The day is intended to boost awareness of the disorder and to spur new research and treatment innovations. It should be a day of advocacy for PD patients and their ... Read More

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