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The Goal in Parkinson's Management? Quality of Life!


Why treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s or any other disease for that matter?  Why initiate treatment at a particular time?  What is our ultimate goal?  The answer is very clear - it’s all about quality of life.

Your Complete Guide to PD Clinical Trials
Parkinson's Disease Spotlight10

The Goal in Parkinson's Disease? Quality of Life!

The goal of treating Parkinson's disease must be quality of life and needs to be the main priority of patients and medical professionals alike.

Helpful Guide to the Language of Clinical Trials in Parkinson's

When you enter the world of clinical research for Parkinson's or any other condition, it is important to understand the terms that are being used to describe the details of the clinical trial.

The Pros and Cons of Participating in a Parkinson's Clinical Trial

Like any decision, whether or not you participate in a Parkinson's clinical trial requires careful consideration of the pros and cons as they relate to a particular study.

How To Find Clinical Trials in Parkinson's Disease

Clinical trial recruitment in Parkinson's research delays the development of new treatments. But there are resources that help patients connect with the right study.

Types of Parkinson's Clinical Trials

The term "clinical trials" can mean everything from a questionnaire to testing out a new drug for the first time. But all trials need participants.

Why Participate in Clinical Trials for Parkinson's?

As patients we are key to successful Parkinson's research. Without us better treatments and a cure will not be found - the importance of clinical trials.

The Parkinson's Drug Development Process

The journey of a drug or intervention to help treat Parkinson's disease is a long and complicated one. Learn how a new medication gets to the pharmacy shelf.

Parkinson's Clinical Trials - FAQs

Participating in a clinical trial is a much needed action but there are many questions that you may have before joining a study. Here are some common ones.

Treating Mood Disorders in Parkinson's Disease

Mood disorders are fairly common in those affected by Parkinson's disease and must be identified and treated in order to improve quality of life.

Mood Disorders in Parkinson's Disease

Mood disorders are more prevalent in the Parkinson's community and are sometimes difficult to diagnose. But early management is key when considering quality of life.

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